Keith Millington - Local South Canterbury Jeweller - Timaru

Keith MillingtonHaving grown up in Timaru by the sea inspired my creative side. At an early age being fascinated by the findings of Howard Carter in Egypt. Working in the family engineering business and having a grandfather who was a gem setter, was my inspiration to create in gold and silver. Enrolling in Jewellery Making class from there to Visual Art studies at Polytec. All the while building my jewellery techniques. Also learning other specialized techniques of tool & die making and electroforming. I then went on to spend 8 years with a manufacturing jeweller learning the finer points of fine handmade jewellery.

Keiths motivation for creating his work lays in the fascination of the ancient goldsmiths of the past but also exploring new techniques of today coupled with his love of precious coloured gemstones and creating jewellery that clients will love to wear.